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Ice Rink Services

Proper management must be in place to first open a new facility. We assist you in creating the proper schedules and planning of operations in order to maximize the income potential of the ice skating rink.

It is critical that the operations of the facility are accurately revealed in the business plan prior to finalizing the financial arrangements. The investor(s) deserves to know that the facility will perform as indicated in the feasibility study and that the investment will be sound.

Proper programming is required for any facility whose goal is to be a viable resource in the world of ice-skating. Resource is what the ice rink is; it supplies the availability of ice for the pure enjoyment of the sport of skating. It provides the spaces for interaction. Programs and ice schedules must be tailored to meet the needs and the desires of the skating community it serves. A proper mix of hockey leagues, open-skating sessions, learn-to-skate classes and adult league activities must be accomplished. All decisions relative to programming must take into consideration what the community needs and will accept. Interest in the 'new' facility will be high and great numbers of people will visit the arena in the beginning stages of operations. It is this first exposure to the facility that will either capture the interest of the prospective skating enthusiast or turn them off due to lack of exciting and planned activities. Proper and effective programming must be in place prior to opening the rink.

We will work closely with you to assemble the proper mix of programming and scheduling to allow successful operations from the very beginning. We have assisted in the operations of new rinks that did not have a hockey presence in the market area. This required unique programming and scheduling in order to maintain financial viability during the time required establishing the interest and participation in hockey. Young people had to learn to skate and gain skills necessary to begin playing hockey before programming could provide the various rental opportunities a hockey program requires.

It is establishing programming and ice scheduling that meets the unique requirements of every location and situation that sets us apart from the ordinary. There is no perfect unalterable set of answers to all ice facility operations. Each ice rink program must be developed within the parameters of the market area in which it is to operate. We are resolved to partner with you, with one aim, and that aim is to develop a successful ice rink operation. One that is as economically beneficial to you the owner as it is fundamentally responsive to the skater.