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Ice Rink & Multi-Use Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is the tool that will assure potential investors that their financial involvement in the creation of an ice skating or multi-sport facility or arena is sound and based on interpretation of real data as it relates to the sport recreational / entertainment industry.

The purpose of a Feasibility / Marketing Study is to determine the level of demand for the proposed facility, the Financial Costs and the Revenues that will be generated . This study will determine, after exhaustive analysis, if there is a viable base of population, demographics, income and interest in your market area for the creation of the facility. We shall reveal the drawing power of the proposed facility as it relates to the area and the demand for the planned uses. The costs to construct and outfit the facility and the total revenues that will be generated will be identified. From this data Income and Expense Projections will be presented.

Feasibility Phase I. Outline

Sect. 1: Scope, overview, exec. summary, assessment of findings, conclusion and recommendations
Sect. 2: Introduction and summary
Sect. 3: Market and utilization analysis
Sect. 4: Organized uses
Sect. 5: Site and building analysis
Sect. 6: Competetive and/or complimentary facilities
Sect. 7: Facility costs to open
Sect. 8: Facility utilization and scheduled activities
Sect. 9: Income and expense projections
Sect. 10: Maps and graphs

Following (your) acceptance and authority to proceed, a meeting will be set and the scope and definition of the project will be specifically identified. A thorough gathering of data follows and a detailed report is prepared. The feasibility report will vary in length, particular to the specific requirements of the project. A typical study is approximately 70 pages in content, comprehensive, and prepared for use as a guide in achieving your goal. The time span from acceptance to proceed, to completion of the Study, will be 5 to 15 weeks. Five (5) copies of the Study will be presented for your use.

The proposed fees, to be charged for the Study, including all hours anticipated for the gathering of data, phone conferences, preparation of the report and presentation, will be a flat fee lump sum cost, to be determined. Payment will be a percentage of the fee up-front with the remainder due upon completion and delivery of the reports. Please feel free to contact David R. Schleigh for further discussion. We stand ready to help you and to become a part of your team in the development of your project. Our Feasibility Studies are accurate and precise in detail and composition.

The Feasibility Study is the first and most crucial step necessary to become the owner and operator of an exciting and profitable Ice Skating and/or Multi-Sport business.