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Multi-Use Facilities

A sports phenomena is occurring in all areas of the Country known as the "Multi-Use Facility"; The combination of various viable sports in one operational facility at one location. There are certain locations where ice-skating will be the main real income producing sport in a planned facility, but more often than not, the inclusion of more sports venues will enhance the probability of success.

There are many locations where other sports, such as, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, football, inline skating, aerobics, etc. (the list can be nearly endless) are so prevalent that they may be included in the planned facility. The inclusion of other sport uses can create needed exposure, attendance and participation in all of the sport activities presented at the facility.

Combine these related sports activities with the proper mix of amenity spaces, such as, concessions, pro-shop sales, party rooms, meeting rooms, exercise spaces and other income producing activities, and you have a facility that really becomes the gathering place for the youth of the area. This facility will be the 'place-to-be' in the market area.

We create the Feasibility Study for the Multi-Use Facility as well as the Ice Arena. There are times when the inclusion of additional sports activities is the deciding factor that allows the facility to become a viable reality. In today's business climate, operations and scheduling must be properly implemented and, every source of revenue must be explored and maximized. The facility must be operated as a business and attention to detail is crucial.

The decision to build an ice arena or a multi-use facility becomes obviously easier when a comprehensive feasibility study is undertaken and the results are presented and evaluated.