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Ice Rink Energy Efficiency

An ice skating facility consumes a lot of electrical energy during its normal operations. A typical arena can consume between 600,000 and 2,000,000 kWh of electricity per year depending on where it is located, how the building is constructed, what type of refrigeration systems are specified and how it is operated. When you add electrical providers demand charges and peak-load penalties to this, the costs can become even higher. The added pressures on global energy reserves as a result of instability in the Middle East combined with the industrialization of previously third-world countries will result in the cost of all energy sources to rise in the near future.

By properly coordinating the design of the building and the design of the ice refrigeration systems, these costs can be minimized. Efficient components alone do not translate into an energy efficient facility. It is the proper integration and management of components combined with proper operational procedures that will allow you to minimize the energy costs.

We are at the fore-front of the Energy Conservation movement and can assure you of a facility that is operationally efficient and responsive to the individual skater. We are cognizant of the LEED requirements that take into consideration all areas of global energy concerns and provide a total facility that protects the environment and minimizes the expense of operations. We partner with the best refrigeration engineers in the World to make certain that our strict dictates are met and that their innovative design systems are coordinated with the building design and construction details.

We will provide energy efficient specifications and guidance to make certain that your facility is one you can be proud of and one that will serve you and allow a fair return on your investment.