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A graduate of Kent State University with a five year Bachelor of Architecture degree, David R. Schleigh is an architectural / construction consultant and project coordinator. He has designed and/or coordinated construction in excess of $200 million dollars worth of projects in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational sectors.

The following describes how our company interacts with you, the client, and the entire assembled team to make your project a reality.

The recreational opportunities have become more prevalent and it this venue that our team finds most gratifying. We became involved in this industry when we bid as a general building contractor on an ice skating facility project that had been designed by as architectural firm. The bids all were over budget and the project seemed doomed.

We offered our expertise in construction and design, to redesign the project and attempt to bring it under budget and allow the rink to be built. Our new design was successfully under the budget and the project was constructed. By working with the ice refrigeration engineers in the ice rink industry we were able to create a less costly and more economical refrigeration system. By specifying a well insulated and vapor protected building envelope we created the perfect ice for the skater. David R Schleigh created a new type of metal building roofing system and by working with the metal building manufacturer, were able to produce this new system and install it on the building. It worked great.

This is only some of the reasons why you should consider utilizing David R Schleigh, Ice Rink Consultant as a partner and a valued member of your team, in the creation of your facility. We listen to your needs and desires and then following evaluation of all data pertinent to your project, we recommend what will work and how it will work.

There is nothing more important when putting together a project than to have accurate and pertinent financial costs and income projections prior to construction of the actual facility. This is the business plan and your facility must be operated as a business. The Feasibility Study is the first step in creating a facility. it allows potential investors to understand why the project is a safe investment. We will create an accurate and comprehensive report that will identify the market area of the facility, provide a detailed listing of all hours of income producing activity, indicate all costs to open and operate the facility and project total revenues, net operating income and residual cash flow over a ten year period.

The Feasibility Report is invaluable as the tool that allows investors to evaluate the project from data presented in a comprehensive and relative format specific to the Ice Skating and Multi-Sport industry. All questions will be answered in this report.