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Why Choose Us?

We stand ready to provide our services to anyone interested in the creation of a proper Ice and/or Multi-Sport venue. The Arena can be designed to accommodate any and all ice sport uses and can include many non-ice sport, entertainment and income producing activities. Much of this information is directed to the ice rink arena but is similarly applicable to the multi-sport industry.

We are called upon by prospective ice rink owners, members of the ice refrigeration industry, by suppliers of ice related accessories and dasher boards, by architects and by financial institutions to assist and coordinate the processes from conception to operation of ice arena projects.

Prospective ice rink owners contact one of the above entities and are in turn referred to David R. Schleigh for guidance and technical assistance. If financial feasibility has not been determined, we offer the service to create the Feasibility Study and determine the viability of proceeding with the project. There are certain areas or locations where a project is not deemed economically feasible, during initial investigation, and we identify that early in the discussion and prevent a prospective owner from entering into a disastrous situation. We only create the feasibility study for a project that has the potential for success. What seems obvious must be proven by exhaustively evaluating all criteria relative for the ice facility to be successful and then presenting it in a manner that allows the investor to reach a degree of confidence based on knowledge and data.

Following the Feasibility Study and the Acceptance of the Owner to Proceed with the building of the arena, we offer another service for the project. To Consult on behalf of the Owner to guide and assist the owner's architect, builder or design team in establishing the footprint for the facility to assure that all spaces and equipment are located properly to allow smooth and efficient operations. We also provide details of construction in order that all preparation work is proper and will accept the chosen refrigeration system components. We provide specifications relative to the building itself to assure that perfect ice is made and maintained for the skater. Only by the perfect marriage of building and refrigeration systems will the facility present the best ice and the best return on investment.