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Posted November 13, 2009

Mohonk Mountain House Pavilion

David R Schleigh was chosen as the consultant for ice services by the New York architectural firm of The Saratoga Associates, architects with offices in Saratoga Springs, NY, New York City and Boston, MA.

The Mohonk Mountain House is located 90-miles north of New York City and on Lake Mohonk.    In March 2001, Mohonk unveiled its new Pavilion, which will be open for ice- skating during the months of November through April. Using wooden beams, stone columns, and featuring a large stone fireplace as the focal point of the interior, the Pavilion will delight guests with its many uses.

From ice-skating parties, skating lessons, and skating exhibitions in the crisp days of fall and winter to outdoor receptions, entertainment, and sports events in warmer months, this open-air Pavilion will host guests in all seasons.